Tap Dance Class

Children love to tap dance, mainly because of the noise of the shoes but it is also good for developing their sense of rhythm and musicality.

Tap Dances ClassesTap dance dates back to the mid-1800s and is characterised by using the sound of tap shoes hitting the floor as a form of percussion, the shoes make a sound with the metal tip on the toe and heel according to the type of shoe as there are several different tap shoes available. Tap has evolved as an American dance form with roots in Ireland and Africa also associated with clog dancing. There are two main forms of tap, jazz tap and Broadway tap, which is often used in musical theatre. Over the years many great performers of tap emerged when the Minstrel shows began, Master Juba, John Bubbles and Mr Bojangles are a few of the artists that have influenced tap dance today.

It is fun for all children, even the youngest child, to learn  different rhythms and express themselves in this genre, and we also follow the renowned I.S.T.D. tap syllabus which is well structured and very creative.

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