First Ballerina £45 10 weeks
First Ballerina & Beginners Ballet £60 for 10 weeks
Ballet & Tap £80 for 10 weeks
Ballet, Tap & Modern £120 for 10 weeks

Registration fee: £10

There are two paying systems in the school:

Option 1

This is by standing order to be paid every 4 weeks (not monthly) of which you take my details to the bank and set it up yourself. The amount for ballet, tap and modern is £36.80 4 weekly.

Option 2

This is by paying ten weekly term by bacs, dates will be given out when your child starts the classes. The cost is £90.00 a term., for three faculties and £60.00 for just ballet and tap. Children age 5 years and over are encouraged to participate in ballet, tap and modern. Under 4 years old only ballet and tap is recommended.

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5 yrs and over £18
4 yrs and under £12

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